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Duerdon Wood, near Clovelly, Devon. 5.94 acres of wonderful conifer and broadleaves on the banks of the River Torridge, 20 miles from Barnstable. £88,000 (freehold) [#S1930]


A lovely tranquil woodland with Lawson cypress, Sitka spruce, oak and a grassy glade with a useful shed for tools, located a short distance from the north Devon coast.




5.94 acres




£88,000 (freehold)

Nearest Postcode

EX39 5QZ (This is for the local area, not specific to the woodland).


Entrance (point X): ///relatives.qualified.renting

Point A: ///condense.fleet.swatting

Ordnance Survey Grid References

OS Landranger Series Sheet No: 190  

Roadside gate (point X): SS 313 190

Centre of wood: SS 313 181


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  • Woodland For Sale
  • Woodland For Sale
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  • Woodland For Sale


Duerdon Wood forms part of a wider gated wooded area in peaceful rural Devon and represents a superb example of amenity woodland with scope for occasional timber extraction if desired. Access is  along a track.

Located on gently sloping south facing loamy clay soils, the mature canopy consists of a lofty blend of Norway and Sitka spruce towards the south, along with a blend of Lawson cypress, Scots pine, oak, sweet chestnut, sycamore, willow, birch, cherry and beech. Towards its eastern boundary is a lovely open glade along with a mixture of broadleaves comprising oak, sycamore, lime, silver maple and ash. Within the lush shrub layer is hazel coppice, rowan, hawthorn and field maple. Dotted throughout is a network of enticing winding paths that allow access to many areas of the woodland; great for the young seeking a woodland adventure. The ground layer is made up of foxglove, primrose, honeysuckle, blackberry, eagle and royal fern.

Towards the centre of the woodland and included in the sale is a solidly constructed tool shed perfect for storing forestry equipment and perhaps season a stack of logs for fuel. Throughout the woodland are splendid grassy openings; all would make discreet places to camp and stargaze on a clear night. A hammock could also be sited near the banks of the river at the south of the wood, a perfect place to relax with a book looking out towards farmland.

A rich wildlife mammal populace includes deer (muntjac, fallow, red and roe) badger, hare, fox and wood mouse while feathered guests consist of owl, buzzard, wood pigeon, skylark, green woodpecker and many melodious songsters.

If It Were Mine

I would firstly strim the open space towards the east, followed by a few overnight stays here. If warmer nights were to prevail, sleeping out under the stars would be a must! Whilst there is no access to the river, I would find a spot along the banks for bushcraft activities- there is plenty of material to hand to hone these skills. Some fuel for the log burner is a certainty too.

Please remember some management operations require approval and/or a licence.

To View This Woodland

You are welcome to view this woodland at any time during daylight hours. We do ask that you download a copy of these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points.


Residential Planning Permission

You are extremely unlikely to get residential planning permission for this woodland.

Directions & Access

  • Travelling west along the A39 from Westward Ho!/Bideford, continue through Fairy Cross and Horns Cross.
  • After about 6.7 miles you will come into Buck’s Cross, turn left at the crossroads following the signs for Woolfardisworthy (Woolsery), also sign posted for a Cheese Dairy and Merry Harriers Garden Centre.
  • Continue along the narrow road following signs for Woolsery and Parkham.
  • After 1.9 miles you will arrive at the centre of Woolfardisworthy and crossroads with Woolsery Primary School ahead of you.
  • Cross over the road keeping the school on the right following the sign for Meddon Huddisford.
  • Continue along the lane and over the crossroads a mile after, following the sign towards Welcombe and Bude.
  • Another mile beyond the crossroads and just after a white and green painted cottage on the right, you will arrive at a large tarmacked access on the left with stone walls either side and a cattle grid signed for Marshall Farm Estate (point W on the plan below).
  • The right of way access is next to this larger access, between the stone wall and the cream cottage (point X), indicated by the dilapidated wooden gate and short section of grassy track.
  • Please park in a safe place not obstructing any access nor traffic.
  • Continue south on foot along the short second of grass track and re-join the tarmac and concrete track passing some post and rail fence on the left.
  • After 500 metres you will pass a turning on the left (point Y), continue ahead onto the stone track passing a blue ‘Private Road’ sign with yellow writing.
  • After 200 metres you will arrive at a cladded wooden residential fence and another turning to the right (point Z), continue ahead keeping the residential fence on your right following the sign for The Elms passing some blue plant pots then a barn and some stables on the left shortly after.
  • After 150 metres you will arrive at a steel gate (point A) with our Woods4Sale sign on a tree just beyond and a blue X below it, on the left of the track.
  • Climb over the gate (sorry, we do not provide keys for viewings) and the woodland is to the left of the track.


  • The northern boundary is the inside edge of the track.
  • The northeast boundary follows an earth back in part with a short section of delipidated stock fence with ditching, paddocks and scrubland beyond.
  •  The southern boundary is the northern bank of the river.
  •  The western boundary is indicated by pink paint on occasional wooden posts and trees.

Sporting Rights

The sporting rights are owned and included in the sale. They are not let.

Mineral Rights

The mineral rights are excluded from the sale.

Rights Of Way

  • There is a right of way granted at all times and for all purposes over the route XYZAB.
  • A maintenance clause covers the shared rights of way with liability according to use.
  • There are no public rights of way within this woodland.

Fencing Liabilities

There are no known fencing obligations.

Third Party Rights

There is a right of way reserved to a neighbouring landowner to access the riverbank over the route CD for fishing purposes only.

Restrictive Covenants

There are some restrictive covenants to protect the woodland and the environment. Please click on the button below to view these.

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How To Buy

This woodland is being sold on a fixed price basis. We require the following information in writing before we mark a woodland as sold and take it off the market (please ensure you have funds in place before doing this):

  • The name and price of the woodland
  • Confirmation you have viewed the woodland
  • Full name (including middle names), address, phone number and date of birth of all legal purchasers
  • Confirmation of how you will fund the purchase
  • The full contact details of your instructed solicitor (including name of company, contact name, email address, telephone number and full address)

Please click on the button below for more information.

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Maps & Plans

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland Aerial Image

Woodland For Sale Plan

Woodland For Sale Plan

Woodland For Sale Map Legend


Plans, areas and particulars are for reference only. We cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form a part of any contract. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the condition of the land.

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