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Coed Dyffryn Cothi, stunning mixed broadleaf woodland, near Nantgaredig, Camarthenshire, 6.9 acres, offers in excess of £85,000 (freehold) [#F2089]


A lovely mixed species woodland in a very secluded position looking over the Afon Cothi, not far from Llangeward.




6.9 acres




Offers in excess of £85,000 (freehold)

Nearest Postcode

SA32 7NH (This is for the local area, not specific to the woodland).


Entrance: ///really.introduce.pizzeria

Ordnance Survey Grid References

OS Landranger Series Sheet No: 159

  • Roadside gate: SN 522 229
  • Centre of wood: SN 512 226


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Coed Dyffryn Cothi (Cothi Valley Wood), as the name suggests, is in a shallow valley adjacent to the Afon Cothi (Cothi River). Despite the strip of land between the edge of the river and the woodland belonging to a fishing syndicate, views of the river can be seen the length of northern boundary. The burbling sound of the flowing water is a perennial background noise which, coupled with the birdsong provides a beautiful soundtrack when in the woods.

The woodland is a real mix of tree species, a testament to the varied management over the last 150 years. Most of the woodland seems to be naturally regenerated mixed broadleaves. Mature oak and beech can be found growing on the western and southern edges – these are typically left during any felling operations, and are beautiful in their irregular shape and sure to home a great diversity of birds, bugs and creepy crawlies. Near a turning spot on the track is small block of mature Douglas fir. As a non-native tree species in the UK, this block is no doubt an historic remnant of what has been grown in years gone by. If felled and milled in situ the timber would be perfect to use at home (or in the wood) for small furniture projects. The rest of the woodland is a variety of sycamore, willow, hawthorn, hazel, silver birch, ash and the odd self-seeded fir and oak, a real eclectic mix of species.

The understorey is relatively thick with young saplings, but interspersed with rhododendron growing on the slopes, and the usual woodland characters of bramble wild grasses, mosses, ferns and a variety of wildflowers and mushrooms.

The topography in the woodland is initially flat but somewhat overgrown, which leads up to a steep section land that has some great views over the nearby river on to the countryside beyond. Thereafter the woodland flattens out and is predominantly flat until the edge of the property. This area, with a little clearance could be a highly useable space for camping and such.

Access to the woodland is along a shared track, recently cleared and repaired to a high standard and should be suitable for most vehicles all year-round. A large turning circle at the end of the track is a great addition to the woodland and can be used for a variety of purposes. Beyond here, a soft vehicle track leads back up the hill ending at the top of the slope, this is perhaps not useable in its current state but could be improved to create even better access further into the woodland. At the top this track narrows and links with an old public footpath that leads down to a dismantled bridge, neither of which are in use. The woodland is a nice mix of steep slopes and flat ground and incredibly secluded from the outside world.

If It Were Mine

I would clear some of the willow in the northeast corner near the turning circle as this is an obvious place for a little camping area. I would be tempted to fell some of the Douglas fir and process them in situ. This timber is a beautiful colour, and I would be tempted to build some live edge shelves for the home. I would also look at clearing a track into the western part of the woodland as this is a lovely, flat area and would be a great place to access to for a number of uses.

Please remember some management operations require approval and/or a licence.

To View This Woodland

You are welcome to view this woodland at any time during daylight hours. We do ask that you download a copy of these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points.


Residential Planning Permission

You are extremely unlikely to get residential planning permission for this woodland.

Directions & Access

  • From Llandeilo, head west along the A40.
  • Drive for approximately 8 miles.
  • When you drive past signs for Llanegwad on the left and pass “Jones Television & Electrical Store” on the right, shortly thereafter you will see a sharp, unsignposted right hand turn.
  • If you come to Pont-ar-gothi you have gone too far.
  • Turn right here and drive along this track for approximately 1 mile until you pass the second roadside house on the left.
  • Immediately after there should be a large Woods4Sale sign on a telegraph pole and a second on a double timber gate (point A on the plan below).
  • Please park here, off to one side, so that access through the gate is not blocked (sorry we do not provide keys for viewings).
  • Walk around the gate (there is a gap on the right-hand side) and through the second pedestrian gate (Z).
  • Walk down the track until you reach a third and final gate on the left. This is unlocked, please walk through this gate (B).
  • Continue walking along the track for approximately 850 metres until you reach a wooden post on the left painted green (C).
  • This is the start of the woodland to the left and the right.


  • The east boundary is indicated with green paint on trees and posts.
  • The south and west boundary is the edge of the woodland which is mostly marked with a stock fence.
  • The north boundary is believed to be approximately 2m from the edge of the riverbank and is unmarked.

Sporting Rights

The sporting rights are owned and included in the sale. They are not let.

Mineral Rights

The mineral rights are owned and included in the sale except as reserved by statute.

Rights Of Way

  • There is a right of way granted at all times and for all purposes over the route ABC.
  • A maintenance clause covers all the shared rights of way with liability according to use.
  • A public right of way does traverse the woodland.  However, the bridge that formed part of this has been demolished, rendering the path unusable.

Fencing Liabilities

There are no known fencing liabilities.

Restrictive Covenants

There are some restrictive covenants to protect the woodland and the environment. Please click on the button below to view these.

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How To Buy

Offers are being invited in excess of the guide price stated above. Interested parties should contact our office to discuss making an offer.

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Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

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Woodland For Sale Plan

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Woods4Sale Interest

Woods4Sale Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

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