Coed Brenin, maturing hardwoods near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. 1.43 acres for £16,500 (freehold) [#A1296]

The Transferee covenants with the Transferor so as to bind the Property hereby transferred into whosoever hands the same may come and for the benefit and protection of the Retained Land and each and every part thereof but not so as to be personally liable after he has parted with all his interest in the Property:

  1. Not to use the Property nor any part thereof for any purpose which may become a nuisance damage annoyance or disturbance to the Transferor or other owners or occupiers for the time being of the Retained Land or any part thereof
  2. Not to use the Property in any manner which may contravene the Town & Country Planning Acts for the time being in force and/or any permission pursuant thereto as may relate to or affect the Property
  3. Not to use or permit the Property to be used for any racing whether with or without motor cycles, cars, four wheel drive or other vehicles
  4. Not to use or permit the Property to be used as a commercial camp site
  5. Not at any time to park any vehicles whatsoever on the access road between points B,C,D,K,E and F on the plan nor obstruct the access road nor permit the road to become obstructed
  6. Not to exercise the rights of access for the purpose of erecting maintaining and repairing boundary fences without giving the Transferor the required seven days notice other than in the case of emergency and to make good any damage caused in the exercise of such rights or where such damage cannot be made good to pay the Transferor reasonable compensation in respect thereof
  7. Not to unreasonably damage the access road between points B,C,D,K and F on the plan and to contribute proportionate to use toward the cost of maintaining and keeping in suitable repair and condition the access road between points B,C,D,K,E and F (Provided always that suitable repair and condition shall not involve the laying of a permanent surface whether of tarmacadam or otherwise over the said access road or any part thereof) and to pay such contribution to the Transferor within twentyeight days of demand any dispute over the necessity for maintenance repair or condition the reasonableness of costs or the proportion payable to be settled by the decision of an independent expert agreed between the Transferor and the Transferee and such others as may be potentially liable to contribute or in default of such agreement appointed by the President for the time being of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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