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Squeak Wood, near Guildford, Surrey. 2.95 acres of broadleaf and conifer woodland with veteran trees, 8 miles from junction 4 of the M3. £45,000 (freehold) [#S1379]


A fabulous broadleaf woodland comprising oak, sweet chestnut and Norway spruce at the end of a private track, 35 miles from London.




2.95 acres




£45,000 (freehold)


OS Landranger Series Sheet No: 186

Ordnance Survey Grid References:

- Roadside gate: SU 935 531

- Centre of wood: SU 937 529

Nearest postcode: GU3 2DX

This postcode will take you to the local area but may not take you to the woodland. You will need to use the location plan and directions as well.


  • Woodland For Sale
  • Woodland For Sale
  • Woodland For Sale
  • Woodland For Sale
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  • Woodland For Sale
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  • Woodland For Sale
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  • Woodland For Sale


Squeak Wood is located at the end of an upgraded private track in the southern part of a wider gated forested area known as Leapingbar Copse, 6 miles northwest of Guildford in semi-rural Surrey.

Situated on fertile level loamy sandy soils, the predominantly maturing canopy planted approximately 25 years ago comprises oak, sweet chestnut, birch and cherry - a quality light demanding tree with a lovely honey coloured timber and silky grain, often used for veneer. Four magnificent veteran sweet chestnut proudly occupy the southwest corner, as well as a majestic horse chestnut towards the northwest. Near the northeast boundary, attractive grassy areas underneath some mature Norway spruce and oak would make a great spot for occasional overnight stays.

The shrub layer comprises holly, rowan, ash, hazel and regenerating sweet chestnut. During springtime a delightful scene is created by patches of bluebells, primrose, foxglove and lesser celandine on the ground layer, welcomed by our crucial pollinators. Woodland creatures regularly visiting include deer (muntjac and roe), badger, rabbit, field mouse, green woodpecker, little owl, buzzard, and many acoustic songbirds.

Benefiting from good vehicular access navigable with a two-wheel drive vehicle, Squeak Wood is an idyllic and tranquil copse for family and friends to enjoy.

There is an Article 4 direction on the wider woodland including Squeak Wood which means that permitted development rights which normally apply for any improvement to, or installation of, gates/fences/walls have been removed and full planning permission should be sought.

If It Were Mine

I would firstly consider removing the tree shelters, then possibly make a simple plan to yield a fuel stock from the maturing oak and sweet chestnut. Story telling would definitely happen, most likely round a small fire at dusk near the lovely horse chestnut. I would also strim the grassy areas to make a nice picnic location, or maybe even use this area to pop in a beehive or two!

Please remember some management operations require approval and/or a licence.

To View This Woodland

You are welcome to view this woodland at any time during daylight hours. We do ask that you download a copy of these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points.


Residential Planning Permission

You are extremely unlikely to get residential planning permission for this woodland.


This video is of the larger woodland as a whole and is not representative of any specific part of the woodland.

Directions & Access

  • From Guildford travel west along the A323 towards Aldershot, passing The Cricketers pub and Silvesters Fairlands Garage.
  • After 3 miles turn right at the forked junction with a grass island and bus stop in the middle of it, onto Cobbett Hill Road.
  • Continue along Cobbett Hill Road passing a large gated residential entrance set back on the left and a number of large satellite dishes on the right.
  • After 0.8 miles turn left onto the A324 towards Ash and Aldershot.
  • Continue along the A324 for 0.3 miles to the roundabout, taking the first left for Henley Business Park.
  • Almost immediately after the roundabout you will see a steel gate and our Woods4Sale sign on a tree (point A on the plan below).
  • Please park in a suitable safe place neither obstructing the gate nor through traffic.
  • Climb the gate (sorry we do not provide keys for viewings) and continue along the track through the Scots pine woodland passing two log bridges on the right.
  • After 495 metres turn right at the T junction (point B) and continue south passing over a drainage ditch and into beech woodland, also passing a turning on the left (point C).
  • After 390 metres turn right (point D) and continue along the track for 290 metres and you will arrive at the woodland on the right, indicated by green and red paint on a wooden post and wooden name sign to the right on a tree just beyond (point E).


  • The northwest boundary HI is indicated by blue paint on occasional wooden posts, trees and a fence post.
  • The southeast boundary EF is the outside edge of the track indicated green paint on occasional short wooden posts that may be off-set by a short distance.
  • The southwest boundary FI is indicated by the barbwire fence.
  • The northeast boundary EG is indicated by red paint on occasional short wooden posts and trees, GH is the shallow ditch, indicated by red paint on occasional trees.

Sporting Rights

The sporting rights are owned and included in the sale. They are not let.

Mineral Rights

The mineral rights are owned and included in the sale except as reserved by statute.

Rights Of Way

  • There is a right of way granted for all times and all purposes over the route ABCDE.
  • A right of way is reserved over the route EF which is also a public footpath.
  • A maintenance clause covers all the shared rights of way with liability according to use.

Fencing Liabilities

There are no known fencing obligations.  

Restrictive Covenants

There are some restrictive covenants to protect the woodland and the environment. Please click on the button below to view these.

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How To Buy

This woodland is being sold on a fixed price basis. We require the following information in writing before we mark a woodland as sold and take it off the market (please ensure you are in a position to fund the purchase before doing this):

  • The name and price of the woodland
  • Confirmation you have viewed the woodland
  • Full name (including middle names), address, phone number and date of birth of all legal purchasers
  • The full contact details of the solicitor who has been instructed

Please click on the button below for more information.

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Maps & Plans

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland Aerial Image

Woodland For Sale Plan

Woodland For Sale Map Legend


Plans, areas and particulars are for reference only. They have been carefully checked by us but we cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form a part of any contract. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves, and we will give as much help as possible with all information we have available.

Woods4Sale Interest

Woods4Sale Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

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