Snaffle Wood, near Ashford, Kent. 9.44 acres of mature oak and hornbeam woodland in a rural location, 25 miles from Tunbridge Wells. £85,000 (freehold) [#S1377]

Restrictive covenants by the Transferees:

  1. The Transferees to the intent and so as to bind the Transferee and all persons in whom the Property or any part thereof shall for the time being be vested and to bind the same and every part therein into whosoever hands the same may come hereby covenants with the Transferor that the land or any part of it shall not be used in such a way as to create a nuisance to the neighbouring owners (including the Transferor) and specifically shall not:
    1. Do any rough or game shooting or pest control at times or in a manner constituting a nuisance or danger to any neighbour.
    2. Use the land for any sort of racing with motor bikes, cars or other vehicles.
    3. Use the land for a commercial campsite.
    4. Use the land for clay pigeon shooting.
    5. Conduct any business from the land other than that of forestry.
    6. Use the land in any way that causes or is likely to cause damage to access tracks other than fair wear and tear.
    7. Sell the land except as a whole specifically not in such a way that it could be registered in separate titles or in separate ownerships.
    8. Erect any signboard that is or may become visible from the public highway.
    9. Block or in any way obstruct the access tracks or in any way prevent access being obtained to any neighbouring or adjoining land or property.
  2. The Transferee covenants with the Transferor for himself and for his successors in title to observe and perform the covenants restrictions conditions and other provisions on the register that affect the Property hereby transferred and to indemnity the Transferor against any non-observance or non-performance of the same.


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