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Feochaig Wood, Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll. Regenerating woodland and moorland with commanding sea views. 97.79 acres for £168,000 (freehold) [#A1319]


An extensive coastal woodland with a variety of habitats and ¾ mile of foreshore.




97.79 acres




£168,000 (freehold)


OS Landranger Series Sheet No: 68

Ordnance Survey Grid References:

- Entrance (A): NR 768 140

- Centre:  NR 770 140

Nearest postcode: PA28 6RF

This postcode will take you to the local area but may not take you to the woodland. You will need to use the location plan and directions as well.


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  • Woodland For Sale
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  • Woodland For Sale


Feochaig occupies a commanding coastal site just a few miles from the southern tip of the Mull of Kintyre. The wood has a bright easterly aspect with the majority being on moderate slopes aside from the coastal fringe which falls steeply to the rocky shore below.

Campbeltown is 7 miles to the north. Glasgow is 60 miles to the northeast as the crow flies, but 140 miles by road (about 3½ hour drive) or a 40 minute flight. A ferry service from Campbeltown runs to Ardrossan on the Ayrshire coast in summer (currently May to September).

Most of Feochaig was harvested of its conifer crops in 2005, but a number of outcrops and gullies retained their tree cover leaving a patch mosaic of mature stems across parts of the wood. Under the Forest Plan, the felled areas were then left to regenerate naturally and the wood now supports a variety of emerging native broadleaves including birch, rowan and willow along with a smattering of pine and spruce that seeded in from the previous crop. The ground flora has also developed well with soft grasses and abundant heather on raised ground giving way to sedges, moor grass and rush elsewhere. There is a requirement to consolidate the regenerated areas by planting 3,300 broadleaves in two locations.

Feochaig occupies a commanding position atop its coastal bluffs, with wide panoramic views over the waters of the Firth of Clyde. On clear days it is possible to see Ailsa Craig and the Ayrshire coast to the east, and there are lovely framed views north towards the Isle of Arran.

You are unlikely to be disturbed by anything more than the occasional tractor or passing fishing boat in this quietest of locations. It takes little imagination to see the potential for recreation here along with the added interest of watching and shaping the development of the wood as it returns to a more natural state.

If It Were Mine

A hard track leads from the entrance to a private area of hardstanding - an ideal place to overnight in a caravan or motorhome. I would extend this to enhance access across the property and facilitate management, especially in nurturing the restock areas.

Please remember some felling operations require approval and/or a licence.

To View This Woodland

You are welcome to view this woodland at any time during daylight hours. We do ask that you download a copy of these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points.


Residential Planning Permission

You are extremely unlikely to get residential planning permission for this woodland.

Directions & Access

  • Campbeltown is near the south end of the Mull of Kintyre at the terminus of the A83. There are scheduled flights to Glasgow and in summer there is also a car ferry from Ardrossan on the Ayrshire coast.
  • From the Campbeltown ferry terminal head southeast out of town on the Kilkerran Road which follows the south shore of Campbeltown Loch.
  • Continue round the coast on this minor road for 6.5 miles until you see the Feochaig entrance track on you left (E on the plan).


  • The north boundary (AB) is defined by a burn.
  • The east boundary (BC) is the shoreline.
  • The southwest boundary (CD) is the field edge stock fence.
  • The west boundary (DEA) is the verge of the public road.

Sporting Rights

The sporting rights are included in the sale.

Rights Of Way

Access is taken directly off the public road.

Fencing Liabilities

March (boundary) fencing is mutually maintained with either party allowed to upgrade to deer height at their sole expense.

Contracts & Grants

A restocking obligation is associated with the areas of ground shaded yellow on the attached Restocking Obligation Map.  By 2020 the purchaser is required to plant three hectares of ground (exclusive of open ground) with native broadleaves appropriate to the site and of suitable native provenance, to achieve a minimum of 1,100 stems per hectare and thereafter maintain for a period of ten years.

The purchaser is at liberty to determine which area(s) of ground within the shaded yellow areas are replanted, so long as this is clearly defined on the ground and extends to the full three hectares covered by the restocking obligation. Please click on the link to view the Restocking Obligation Map.

More Details

How To Buy

This woodland is being sold on a fixed price basis. We require the following information in writing before we mark a woodland as sold and take it off the market (please ensure you have funds in place before doing this):

  • The name and price of the woodland
  • Confirmation you have viewed the woodland
  • Full name (including middle names), address, phone number and date of birth of all legal purchasers
  • Confirmation of how you will fund the purchase
  • The full contact details of your instructed solicitor (including name of company, contact name, email address, telephone number and full address)

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Maps & Plans

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland Aerial Image

Woodland For Sale Plan

Woodland For Sale Map Legend


Plans, areas and particulars are for reference only. They have been carefully checked by us but we cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form a part of any contract. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves, and we will give as much help as possible with all information we have available.

Woods4Sale Interest

Woods4Sale Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

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