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Penny Wood 1.90 acres of larch and beech woodland near to Halesowen, Worcestershire for £22,000 (freehold) [#M1231]


A level parcel of mature beech and larch in a quiet location, with excellent access and within easy reach of Stourbridge and Kidderminster.




1.90 acres




£22,000 (freehold)


OS Landranger Series Sheet No: 139

Ordnance Survey Grid References:

- Roadside gate: SO 957 783

- Centre of wood: SO 954 783

Nearest postcode: B62 0JY

This postcode will take you to the local area but may not take you to the woodland. You will need to use the location plan and directions as well.


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Penny Wood lies on a flat site surrounded by woodland to all sides. The majority of the woodland is composed of beech with a dense skirt of larch to its outer reaches. The beech are estimated to be about 40 years old and the larch around 30 years. A few birch, rowan and holly trees are peppered throughout.

The beech are turning into handsome trees and would welcome a thinning allowing them to develop further and contribute to the overall structure and feel of this designated Ancient Woodland. This will produce a good supply of firewood for the home. The larch is well stocked resulting in tall slender stems suitable for producing some nice straight timber or fencing stakes.

The woodland floor is unencumbered as the beech leaf litter restricts most vegetation, however in the spring there are a few scattered areas of bluebells.

In spring the wood is alive with birdsong giving way at dusk to the sights and sounds of the nocturnal inhabitants including badgers, foxes and bats. There is a healthy population of roe deer and muntjac deer seen in the surrounding area at dusk and dawn. Cars can be driven to a private hard-standing area within the wood thanks to a newly upgraded all-weather forest track, which will also facilitate small-volume timber extraction.

An overage clause on this property provides for 25% of the increase in the value of the land upon the granting of planning permission to be paid to a previous owner up until April 2020. After this the overage clause lapses.

If It Were Mine

The woodland has quite a high density of trees and would welcome a thinning if a new owner so desired, favouring the trees with the best form. Then I would install bat and bird boxes to encourage the wildlife.

Please remember some management operations require approval and/or a licence.

To View This Woodland

You are welcome to view this woodland at any time during daylight hours. We do ask that you download a copy of these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points.


Residential Planning Permission

You are extremely unlikely to get residential planning permission for this woodland.

Directions & Access

  • From Halesowen; take the B4551 heading south to Romsley.
  • Turn right onto Farley Lane, approximately 300 metres after passing through Romsley.
  • After a further 500 metres stay on Farley Lane through the left bend and in 200 metres the woodland entrance is signposted on the right.
  • The woodland entrance is set back from the road. The locked steel gate has a Woods4Sale sign on it. Park safely without blocking access. I’m sorry but we do not give out keys for viewing.
  • Climb over the gate (point A on the plan) and walk following the hard surfaced track for 250 metres to the junction (point B). Penny Wood is to the right.


  • The north boundary is indicated by yellow marks on boundary trees and wooden stakes.
  • The east boundary is an agricultural fence along the edge of the track.
  • The south boundary is indicated by green marks on boundary trees and wooden stakes on the outside edge of the track.
  • The western boundary is indicated with white marks on boundary trees and wooden stakes.
  • The boundaries along the entrance track are indicated by the hedge and fence lines set back from the edge of the track.

Sporting Rights

 The woodland comes with full sporting rights.

Mineral Rights

The mineral rights are reserved to the previous owner.

Rights Of Way

  • A right of way is reserved over ABC and BX for the benefit of the woodland beyond.
  • A shared maintenance clause covers these rights of way.
  • There are no public rights of way inside Penny Wood.

Fencing Liabilities

There are no known fencing liabilities.

Restrictive Covenants

There are some restrictive covenants to protect the woodland and the environment. Please click on the button below to view these.

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How To Buy

This woodland is being sold on a fixed price basis. We require the following information in writing before we mark a woodland as sold and take it off the market:

  • The name and price of the woodland
  • Confirmation you have viewed the woodland
  • Full name (including middle names), address, phone number and date of birth of all legal purchasers
  • The full contact details of the solicitor who has been instructed

Please click on the button below for more information.

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Maps & Plans

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland For Sale Regional Plan

Woodland Aerial Image

Woodland For Sale Plan

Woodland For Sale Map Legend


Plans, areas and particulars are for reference only. They have been carefully checked by us but we cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form a part of any contract. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves, and we will give as much help as possible with all information we have available.

Woods4Sale Interest

Woods4Sale Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

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