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Forestry England (www.forestryengland.uk)
Information on many forestry topics, including grants and felling control.

Forestry and Land Scotland (www.forestryandland.gov.scot)
The public body responsible for protecting and improving Scotland’s forests through guidance, grants and regulations, and by shaping forestry policy.

Small Woods (www.smallwoods.org.uk)
An organisation specifically catering for owners of small private woodlands. A wealth of information and a very good woodland insurance scheme.

Rural Arbor Products Ltd (www.r-a-p.co.uk)
A company providing competitively priced insurance for small woodlands.

Lycetts (Algarve) Insurance (www.lycetts.co.uk/insurance-services/)
An insurance company that can provide the full range of insurance services to forest and woodland owners.

Royal Forestry Society (www.rfs.org.uk)
A society whose primary objective is to 'further the appreciation, understanding and knowledge of trees, woods and forests'. They publish a magazine, 'The Quarterly Journal of Forestry', but this may be a little academic for a lot of people.

Natural Resources Wales (www.naturalresources.wales)
NRW is the Government statutory advisor on virtually all aspects of conservation and wildlife in Wales. They also act as the statutory authority for wildlife conservation. They are responsible for wildlife and habitat protection, and do administer some grants for conservation work.

Natural England (www.gov.uk/government/organisations/natural-england)
The public body responsible for protecting and improving the environment in England. This includes issues such as air and water pollution, flood protection, fisheries, waste etc.

Bing Maps (www.bing.com/maps)
An extremely useful website for location maps and low resolution aerial photographs.

Forestry Journal (www.forestryjournal.co.uk)
An organisation that represents all those involved in the forestry industry. A good source of information and contacts. Produces a monthly magazine 'Forestry and British Timber'.

Wood Knowledge Wales (www.woodknowledgewales.co.uk)
Networking and lobbying for timber use in Wales. The Welsh Timber Forum was set up in September 1999 by a number of individuals working in wood-based industries in Wales.

Woods4Sale Ltd (www.woods4sale.co.uk)
Specialising in the sales of small woodlands for recreation, wildlife conservation and investment.

Red Rock Forestry Ltd (www.redrockforestry.co.uk)
Red Rock Forestry Ltd provides forest management and consultancy services to private landowners, government and public institutions.


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