Testimonials From Buyers

At Woods4Sale, we are committed to providing a quality service to both sellers and buyers. We like to think we get it right on the whole, but don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some testimonials from a few of our clients:

Thank you for a swift trouble-free service.

N.H. October 2018
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

The website you have works well and is simple to navigate. Alerts come for the areas of interest quickly and accurately. Contact to make a purchase could not be easier, response times are always good. Communication is straightforward and timely

C.P. (October 2018)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

Many thanks for your services. It seemed trouble free so thank you very much.

R.B. (October 2018)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

Completely happy with your service. Very straight forward. Thanks very much.

S.R. (October 2018)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

The service we received from Woods4Sale was brilliant.  Very easy, quick and efficient.

L & S.W. (October 2018)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

Whilst I was initially apprehensive of the fixed price policy, being a natural negotiator, I was subsequently very pleased with the certainty of the transaction, and the prompt ‘Sold’ sign on your website. 

Throughout the process your team have been helpful, friendly, courteous and professional. This has been a stress-free purchase, and you have been a pleasure to do business with.

B.H. (October 2018)
Purchaser of South West England Woodland

Great Service and easy to deal with.

C.D. (September 2018)
Purchaser of South West England Woodland

Thank you for all your help, I would happily recommend your service.

J.D. (September 2018)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

No issues at all, you were responsive and professional during the process and I couldn't really ask for any more, so thank you!

D.K. (August 2018)
Purchaser of Central East England Woodland

We have been happy with your service and all your assistance and look forward to getting to know our wood.

R & A J (June 2018)
Purchaser of South West England Woodland

The service from Woods4Sale was excellent from beginning to end. The original sales particulars were accurate and informative. They were patient and helpful with our solicitors slow progress and lack of understanding and we would have struggled to conclude things without their help.

S & J H (June 2018)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

Throughout the whole purchasing cycle Lesley at Woods4Sale was professional, friendly, informative, and knowledgeable with excellent communications - fantastic service. The (scout) group is really looking forward to enjoying the woodland for many years to come. A place of their own to learn, practice and understand the beauty and importance of woodland management and conservation.

C.C. (April 2018)
Purchaser of North Wales Woodland

Many thanks again for your efficiency and clarity throughout the purchasing process.

P & S.W. (April 2018)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

We were happy with Woods4Sale. All seemed business like yet friendly. Helpful advice received.

M & G.K (April 2018)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

Buying from Woods4Sale was so straight forward. The website is very clear and everything explained. The continued help from Lesley throughout, helping to get us to completion was great!

I would highly recommend and think other agents should work in the way you do!

S.R. (April 2018)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

In terms of support, yes we've been really pleased. It's been straightforward and quick.

H.M. (March 2018)
Purchaser of Central East England Woodland

We're very happy with the service you have provided. Thank you.

C.A. & D.P. (March 2018)
Purchaser of Central East England Woodland

The service provided by Woods4Sale has been fantastic. Very friendly and professional.  Made buying woodland easy.  Website also contains lots of really helpful information.

A.S. (March 2018)
Purchaser of North England Woodland

Can I just take the chance to thank you all for your amazing help with our purchase of our wood. We have found you all at Woods4Sale to be so helpful with all of our queries, no matter how small they were. We found the website to be a font of valuable information, giving us so many ideas for the future. Once again many thanks to you all.

R. & S. Jeal (February 2018)
Purchasers of South East England Woodland

Thank you for your friendly and efficient service in progressing our purchase.  We have now had 2 lovely family days at the wood and are very excited at making plans and carrying out flora and fauna studies.

B. & A.S. (February 2018)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

We were very pleased with the service provided by Woods4Sale, all questions were answered right away and the purchase went through smoothly. The information provided in the listing was very comprehensive and we've no doubt that we will be enjoying the woods for many years to come!

L.R. & E.T. (February 2018)
Purchaser of North Wales Woodland

Many thanks for enabling us to complete so speedily without any hitches.

P.B. (Dec 2017)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

Just a short note to say a big thank you to everyone at Woods4Sale for all their help in our purchase in Sussex. I'm sure it must be boring being asked the same old questions by people but they were always happy to oblige no matter how inane the questions. We have already started doing work in the woods, cutting away plastic from the trees, which is strangely therapeutic! We look forward to enjoying seeing the changes to the woodland as the seasons roll by.

A.T. (October 2017)

Purchaser of South East England Woodland

I am more than happy with Woods4Sale. I found them to be very helpful and willing to share their experience with me; which helped me achieve a broader understanding of what to expect owning small woods. It's a wonderful place to be surrounded by nature, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to hone my skills in helping re-forest a small part of Scotland and provide a place for the wildlife to thrive.

C.W. (September 2017)
Purchaser of Scottish Woodland

Very happy with the service, the purchase was expedited in three weeks and with minimal fuss.

C.J. (August 2017)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

We recently purchased a small section of woodland in Co. Durham via Woods4Sale. We found the organisation efficient and helpful. In particular it should be stressed how co-operative and accommodating their personnel were in the period of deliberation prior to the actual purchase.

T.M. (August 2017)
Purchaser of Northern England Woodland

We have been looking for a woodland for 2-3 years for leisure purposes and to provide fuel wood. The literature describing the wood we finally choose was clear and accurate. The purchase process was easy and well described. In a matter of weeks we had become owners of a wood we are looking forward to managing.

J.L. (August 2017)
Purchaser of Northern England Woodland

Woods4Sale were excellent at all stages of the purchase transaction.  We received excellent information regarding the wood for sale, and had a most useful conversation with both Lisa and the forest manager who were able to answer fully our questions.  The confirmation of offer and purchase was extremely efficient and the following conveyancing was the simplest land and property purchase we have ever made.  Top marks throughout.

I. & L.K (August 2017)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

The service from Woods4Sale was excellent and I had no problems with this purchase; I had to contact them on the first occasion and the reply was swift and very helpful. After that the solicitors got on with it and did the rest. Very pleased with the whole thing. Thank you very much for all you have done.

G.D. (August 2017)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

Thank you for your friendly and courteous service.

M.F. (August 2017)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

An excellent website with comprehensive maps, directions and information followed by an easy and clear process to actually purchase the woodlands. Thank you.

C. & S. G (August 2017)
Purchaser of South East England Woodland

We are delighted with our purchase.  We never thought that owning a wood in such as beautiful area was a possibility for us and we are very excited at the prospect of spending some time there.
Regarding the process itself it proved very easy.

A. & S.N (August 2017)
Buyer of Central West England Woodland

The buying process with Woods4Sale has been great. We had never bought land before and had a host of questions which the knowledgeable folk at Woods4Sale were able to help with. Once we had this good advice the process of conveyancing went very smoothly and we were happy to complete in just a few short weeks. What's really nice is that the purchase of our woodland felt personal, not transactional, and this has continued with the aftersales communication.

I'd certainly recommend working with Woods4Sale if you're looking for a special slice of British woodland.

M.C. (July 2017)
Purchaser of Central England Woodland

Thank you very much for the keys to our wood and for your assistance.  We are absolutely thrilled with the woodland and can hardly wait to visit it again in the near future.  Thank you again for your help.

C.B. (June 2017)
Purchaser of South Wales Woodland

I found Woods4Sale made the purchase process straightforward and simple thanks to a combination of: comprehensive info online (regarding the wood); generic advice on the process (even down to a list or recommend solicitors) and quick and personable responses to questions throughout the purchasing process. I would not hesitate to use them again if contemplating a further purchase.

T.F. (June 2017)
Purchaser of Northern England Woodland

I was pretty happy with the process of buying the woodland - there wasn’t too much interaction between us but when I did phone Alastair he was very knowledgeable and informative – for the small woodlands grant sign up for example.  We are enjoying it currently and have got some plans such as clearing up the plastic tree tubes and making thoroughfares through parts of the deer fence etc.

M.R. (May 2017)
Purchaser of Scottish Woodland

During the purchase of our woodland I had a few questions - being totally new to 'wood buying,' and they were all answered promptly and politely by Woods4Sale. I got the impression that had I asked a hundred questions they would all have been met with the same polite and efficient response. I would certainly recommend Woods4Sale to anyone wishing to embark on this kind of new venture/adventure.

G.O. (May 2017)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

 Easy to arrange a purchase and the gate key arrived the day after completion. Excellent!

P.H. (May 2017)
Purchaser of Central West England Woodland

We are delighted with the prompt and efficient service we have received from the start of our purchase through to completion. I would highly recommend purchasing from you and we have started to enjoy our wood already.

L. & S.M. (April 2017)
Buyer of Central England Woodland

I have been very pleased with your level of service from the sales details all the way through the purchase process and completion.  It's great to see that you take an interest even after the sale has completed.  Everyone was approachable and professional. I would certainly recommend Woods4Sale to other people either looking to buy or sell woodland.

D.M. (March 2017)
Purchaser of Devon Woodland

A massive thank you for your amazing support, advice and patience during our somewhat protracted purchase of the above wood. Your phone is always answered, unlike that of other professionals within this procedure. I then have spoken to a number of your team who all made my call feel important, which to me it was. The team are all friendly, professional, knowledgeable and so unbelievably pleasant. Lesley and Ed are the team members that I have had most contact with, thank you both. Well done Woods4Sale and I wish all "estate agents " shared your enthusiasm and obvious love of your work.

A.D. (Aug 2016)
Purchaser of South West Woodland

Service has great thanks and we are planning our first trip to the woods this weekend!

P.C. (Aug 2016)
Purchaser of South East Woodland

I have begun to explore and get to know my wood and I appreciate the prompt delivery of the keys which allowed me to spend much of the Bank Holiday weekend there. I was happy with the buying process; you responded to my queries, your website was helpful and there were no nasty surprises. Thank you also for SWA subscription, I expect to learn a lot from them.

D.A. (June 2016)
Purchaser of North Wales Woodland

My husband and I would like to say a massive thank to Alastair for all his help. It was a long and difficult journey to get from offer to completion because of confusing paperwork at Land Registry and previous sale contracts. We thought on more than one occasion that it simply wasn’t going to work out and are incredibly grateful for his support and guidance throughout the long process. We are sure that his help is one of the factors in the successful completion of this woodland. We absolutely love the woods and spend as much time as we possibly can there. Friends who come with us describe it as the world falling away when they arrive along with stresses and worries. We managed a few nights camping this summer with our little boys and have been teaching them fire lighting from a fire steel. The kids love it there and I can credit spending time there with them playing better with each other and more creatively. We are incredible happy with the woods and feel utterly blessed to own a piece of something so special.

L. & M.U. (June 2016)
Purchaser of Devon Woodland

I was very pleased with my experience with Woods4Sale. I found Ed very helpful and happy to discuss any issues that arose during the purchase. The process involved was very straightforward and Woods4sale helped making my acquisition of my area of recreational woodland and becoming a woodland owner a pleasant experience.

O.W. (May 2016)
Purchaser of North Wales Woodland

I've been very happy with the service I've received from Woods4Sale & would suggest to potential customers that they can buy with confidence from a reputable agent. They are easy to communicate with, are responsive to enquires and I have found them to be helpful throughout the process. The particulars of sale are accurate & comprehensive. The no nonsense sales approach makes the process easy and I felt I got a good deal. I would be happy to deal with this company again for sale or purchase.

C.B. (Jan 2016)
Purchaser of Staffordshire Woodland

I recently used the services of Woods4Sale when I purchased two plots of woods in South Yorkshire.  I feel the need to congratulate everyone I dealt with in the organisation for their courtesy, professionalism and patience since I realise that I wasn’t the perfect client.  I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending the use of their services.

P.B. (Sept 2015)
Purchaser of Yorkshire Woodland



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